Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bring it on!!!

2 days to go, bring it on. Taper week is going well and Im feeling better and better each day. I have felt fresher as each day passes and have to be a little carefull on the final easy sessions not to go too fast as your body wants to go! Less is definately more now, I try not to be too sedintary and lounge around too much as I can start to feel very lethargic and run the risk of the "core" muscles going to sleep!

Ive started my Carbo loading regime, pretty basic really, small meals higher in carbs than normal and I also use the Leppin Carb Loader to top up my levels. I had my final massage today and will do regular stretching through to the day to keep limber and get as much Oxygen to the muscles as possible. The main focus now is on the head though, its the most important part of the last week as it is easy to get distracted with all the hype and cool gears flying around the place. All people new to the sport should remember Mark Watsons quote from one of my earlier blogs, "all the gears and no ideas!". Its a good time to think back to the training you have done and the positive results you have had in the past. Believe in yourself and get excited about showing yourself and everyone else there on the day just how fit you have become!

Ive included a few pics of my race weapon for you to see, details are...

Frame; Quintana Roo Lucero Titanium

Saddle; ISM Adamo Racing

Componentry; Durace/Sram mix

Cranks; SRM Power meter

Wheels; Corima Disc and Deep Rim Front

Handlebars; Profile

Pedals; Speedplay Zeros

Thats all from me, see you out there!



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