Saturday, March 21, 2009

Movin on.........

2 weeks on from NZIM and I'm walking normally again after the crash and have begun planning for the rest of the year. I have been having regular physio with Jonty Garlick from Body Dynamics and we are making progress. There is a few funny things going on in my lower back and hip to the point that Jonty has recommended I have an xray asap as there may be a fracture of some kind in there causing pain that I am still having. Running is still out of the question so the Auckland Half is definitely a no go. I haven't rode yet either but hopefully I will be able to take my new Litespeed road frame (pic above, bike courtesy of "Bike Fixation" chur!!!) out for a test ride this week and start some gentle riding again. My right hip is still tender due to bruising on the bone. I am reminded of it at regular intervals whilst navigating my way through our small home catching it on door frames or dressers and at work on packets of timber or whilst climbing onto the forklift! I am definitely on the mend though and look forward to the xray tomorrow to see what is going on in there.

I have put some good time into thinking about the rest of the year, for now it's a swimming focus through to the "King of the Bays" Ocean swim. This is a good opportunity to have a close look at what I'm doing in the water as I'm determined to be in the front group out of the water next year. After that it's going to be a swim & run focus through the winter to avoid to many long rides in the "minging" Taupo winter! I am keen to do up to 5 Half Ironman races before IMNZ next year. At this stage I'm looking at either the Phillipines 70.3 or the Yepoon Half Ironman in August as a lead up race to the World Long Distance Champs in Perth in October. One month before these races is the Malaysia 70.3 which could also be an option but will depend on funds and work commitments. Following the World Long Course it will be back to NZ for the summer with the main goal being defending my Mt Half title! Then roll on again to IMNZ if all is going well.

It will be another exciting year with the focus on more racing and getting my swim and run up to my riding level in order to become a more balanced triathlete. I was happy with my running development over the last 12 months so am keen to continue this improvement. I'm pleased to be back in a positive frame of mind and an enjoying the extra swim miles I'm doing with Mitch Nairn (local national age group swimmer). The pic to the right is of Mitch, Shayne Nairn, Me, Mum and Richard (dark horse) Stringfellow at the 2.8km Sand to Surf Ocean Swim yesterday. It was a great event, Mitch was top 10, Mum did her longest ever swim, very gutsy in unsettled and sometimes rough conditions! Koro and Shayne banged out good times and I cruised around feeling OK and happy to have no back issues. A great day out and good to be toeing the start line again!



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