Monday, March 9, 2009

another pic....

Hi again, I just had a pic through from Steve from that he took just after I had my spill. Nice pic, he is forwarding through a video of the whole incident as he got it all on camera! Once I have it I will post it here for everyone to have a laugh at:(

Bods still very sore, the lower back area is loosening with the anti inflammatorys but no change to the bruising around the knee and hip. I'm pretty dark on IM at the mo, my head is saying lets change focus to do more 1/2s and shorter racing. If s*%t happens as it did on Saturday, at least I can do another heap of major races within the season. 1/2s are where I have had my best results and there are so many to choose from it can make the year quite exciting to plan, we shall see. Anyway, back to the real world this morning and off to work @ Tenon!



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  1. See you for some Vino in a bit Bro!
    Brings the bruising out!