Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuning up...

Hi all, Ive been a bit slack not posting anything for 2 weeks now, apologies! The last couple of blocks of training have been tough but I'm very happy with how Ive have got through everything. Tuning up for race day brings you pretty close to that line of being ultimately prepared, or of overdoing it and crashing with illness or injury. I haven't crossed the line and am injury free and healthy (touch wood he says knocking his head:)). I have been quite tired through the day but in my last few quality bike sessions my Watts have been bang on the mark so I know I'm aok.

It is this time when heaps of interest develops with all the local community, the town really starts buzzing with all the little events and the promotions. Ironman is huge for Taupo and the positive benefits for the wider community are endless both financially and with the spirit and passion it develops. It is a time where I have remind myself that I am privileged to be able to be a part of such a fantastic sport. When I am tired and ready to taper I can get frustrated with every person you see asking the same questions, "hows the training", "not long to go know!", "are you ready to go?", "are you going to beat Cam Brown this year?". I think I must get asked these questions 10 times everyday! I have to turn them into positives and remember people are genuinely interested. I have become good at rattling off a pre prepared answer that I can say on the move to my next job in preparing myself for the big day! "Pressure is a privilege..." Maria Sharapova was quoted as saying, very true words.

This week consists mainly of some easy running, some moderate bike intensity and some full on quality in the pool. If I'm going to be placed well out of the water (setting up my day) I need to have my best swim ever. The work I have done lately in the water has me stronger than ever, its now a case of turning that strength into speed! The local "Cross the Lake" swim is on this weekend so will be a great race day simulation for pre race meal/breakfast and swim start. I wont be going 100% but it will be fun to be a part of a cool event and another over distance swim to make next week feel all the more easy! I also have my new Quintana Roo Superfull Wetsuit to trial in a race simulation (and show off before and afterwards!). My initial feelings are its the best suit Ive ever worn, super supple and the "virtual pull buoy" concept seems to suit me well.

Anyway, I better get away for today's session, another day in Paradise here, lets hope we have the same race day to see so super fast times and a spectacle to remember. Oh yeah, the pic above is of the latest Multisport Mag, I made the front cover for the first time! First of many I reckon, maybe the March/April edition will feature me too;o)


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  1. Mate, that Multisport mag has got the Whitcoulls $8.95 price sticker on it. Don't tell me you have to buy a copy even when you're the cover girl? Bad form.

    But never mind about that, get on the cover of the next edition with a podium on Saturday and I'm sure they'll give you a subscription. If that's not incentive, I don't know what is... Go hard!