Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A couple of weeks of reflection, a few pies, too many Gins and some quality time with my Girlz has provided some much needed clarity and a pathway forward after the disaster that was 2 weekends ago. Unfortunately, a DNF next to my name, very gutting and my 3rd in my Tri career. I don't want to bore you all with the inane details so I will keep it short so here goes!

The day didn't start too well ripping my wetsuit in transition 20Mins before the start. Luckily Andy MacKay had a spare so after a quick sprint to her car, his partner Andrea supplied me with an alternative suit that was a perfect fit. I started quite well but into the second lap I started to feel rubbish, had 2 vomits and lost a heap of time getting stuck in the currents at the far end of course. 3Mins down out of the water wasn't too bad and I set about catching the leaders. I started OK, dialled into 300W which I rode at both the Worlds and Taupo 1/2IM. Before long I spewed again and seeing this on dry land was a little concerning. A nasty thick brown consistency that I can only assume contained the lining of some part of the digestive tract! I haven't ever had this kind of issue before. I presume it was due to the 3 weeks of anti-inflammatory use prior to the race catching up with me and worsened by the race intensity, adrenaline and gels. Before long I felt like I had ridden the first week of the Tour De France and had nothing in my legs. I started losing ground on guys I normally out ride easily and had done so 4 weeks earlier at the Taupo Half. Then guys starting coming up from behind and as hard as I tried to push the SRM said I was riding worse than I normally do on "average intensity" training ride. Something was majorly wrong and having only had 2 runs since the 22nd of December due to my knee injury I pulled out after the first lap of the bike. A crap experience, embarrassing and a real let down. All of my family were there, Mum, Dad, my two sisters, 5 nieces and nephews, Uncle from Oz not mention Amanda and Alex. Also and a heap of friends from Taupo and Tauranga all out there to cheer me on an I didn't even lace up my running shoes:(

Still the sun came up on Sunday morning and since then I have put much thought into what lies ahead. The conclusions are that I'm basically tri-fried and need a decent break. After crashing out of last years IMNZ I got straight back in the pool and didn't have the normal 6-8 weeks of recuperation time. I continued on through the year training and racing, working and also learning all the joys and pitfalls of fatherhood! Since I raced the Yepoon 1/2 IM in August I have had some kind of illness each month. Flu, Colds, a respiratory Virus and a nasty bout of Gastro-Entiritis. My immune system is not coping and has given up the ghost!

With all this in mind I have decided not to do IMNZ this year. It will be the first time I haven't lined up since I started the sport in 2003. That year I had only planned to do one Ironman, geeez time goes by quickly. I think this is the best decision with the future in mind. Grovelling out the next 6 weeks to IMNZ, more than likely getting sick again and performing poorly is not something I want to do.

The Auckland 1/2 is late March and may be a possibility. Currently I'm leaning towards not doing that either and just running for fitness for a while with no specific training programme. Then into the winter I will join the Cycle Club and race along with a few interesting running events and possibly a couple of Marathons. No definites just yet but a non-tri winter might be the best thing for me to be super charged come the Tri Season next year. I am not finished with Ironman that's for sure, I see IMNZ 2011 as a nice target to pull out my best ever race.

Till next time, thanks to everyone for all your continuing support, it will be nice to watch some of you this year at IMNZ and revel in your glory for a change:)

See you at the races...


  1. Very wise words mate... looking forward to some chats when I head up your way :-)

  2. Hey there Dunc--Hang in there buddy--Every triathlete has ups and downs (Dirk can tell you some crazy stories of DNF's at world champs, coral reef injuries at Olympic qualifications, nearly cutting his toe off on someone's knife spokes at European Champs, flying to China only to fly right back because he was mentally exhausted from the season, etc). You are seriously not alone! You do what you need to do to get back in the right place to race--we are all rooting for you :) Hugs to the girls, Alicia