Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Radio Sport Interview

Hi all, see link below for recent interview with Mark Watson on radio sport.


Things have taken a turn for the worst since this interview, a bout of Gastro-Enteritis than took 9 days to pass and a tear to my right knee cartilage have scuppered the last couple of weeks training. I have been doing as much as possible to keep fit, I have been getting advice from the best in the business re rehab and training. At this stage I haven't run since the 22nd of Dec, hopefully I will be able to run on the weekend. Instead it has been X-Skiing at the gym and some high cadence cycling on the rollers to keep the cardio system fired up. The knee is not too great on the bike either, I had to get Wifey to pick me up 3/4 of the way though a ride y'day as it was getting quite sore, especially when in the hills and when pushing high Wattage.

Not to worry, I will do all I can to as fit as possible on the start line come the 9th of January. Have a great New Years, as usual we will leave our celebrating till after the Mt Half!

Cheers :)


  1. Nice interview man... bummer about the knee but it's all normal.

  2. That sucks fella. Hope you get the knee right and are on song for Tauranga this weekend.